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Upstream Journal

magazine on human rights & social justice

Writing for the Upstream Journal

Articles in the Upstream Journal are written by volunteers, mostly working in the office of the publisher, Social Justice Connection, in Montreal.

Our goal is to communicate the reality of poverty and human rights abuse to our readers. We succeed if they read the stories we have to tell.

Writers do not have to have training in journalism – we provide that.  Writers work with the editor to identify story ideas, do the necessary bachground research, conduct the interviews that are necessary, gather supporting images and decide the approach to take to the story. Then comes the writing and editing phase, re-working the text so that it succeeds in bringing aspects of the human condition to engaged readers.

Many writers come in to the office to work on their stories for two or three hours a week, along with the emailing etc. they do outside the office. Internships are offered between September and May. They are unpaid, and require a minimum of 150 hours, to be completed at our office.  Articles usually take two or three months to complete; interns often write two or three.  We are reluctant to consider any articles that are started without consulting the editor first.   Stories in either French or English are welcome.

If you are interested in writing for the Upstream Journal, please contact the editor, Derek MacCuish, by email (dmaccuish at sjc-cjs.org) or phone (514-933-6797).

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