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  • Jun 08 / 2016
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Uruguay – Truth, Justice, and Gender Inequality

2009 protest

May 20th, 2009 – Annual March of Silence to honour the victims of Uruguay’s last dictatorship. Photo: Flickr user Nae

Fifty years ago, Beatriz Benzano was a member of Uruguay’s militant leftist Tupamaros.  The Tupamaros, made up predominately by middle-class youth, sought to redress the country’s rising rates of inflation, unemployment, and bureaucratic corruption through violent insurrection.  In 1972, Benzano was captured by state forces and confined in Punta de Rieles Prison for four years.

She recounted her prison experience in a lecture to the Faculty of Law at the University of the Republic in 2014, in which she spoke about the degradation she and her fellow female dissidents were subjected to. “Forced nudity, exposed to the gaze of troops and officers; fondling and groping; degrading and offensive insults; the violation of one’s body, again and again, with sticks or bugs, with electric prods on the genitals, and with huge dogs snooping the breasts and genitals.” Continue Reading

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