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Upstream Journal

magazine on human rights & social justice


The Upstream Journal is a Canadian magazine about social justice and international development. For more than 25 years, it has told the stories of communities facing poverty, oppression and marginalization with the goal of giving them, to the extent we could, a voice.

Until recently, it was mailed to subscribers and sold in stores across the country and through Zinio, the world’s largest provider of digital magazines.

Now, with this blog format, we have moved into a new incarnation. No longer limited by space restrictions and the deadlines of print, we will be better able to communicate more directly with you, and so we’re very excited to welcome you to the new Upstream!

The Upstream Journal is published as part of the education program of Social Justice Connection, a charitable organization in Montreal. The editor of The Upstream Journal, Derek MacCuish, can be contacted by email (dmaccuish at sjc-cjs.org) or by telephone (514 933 6797).

Articles in The Upstream Journal are researched and written by volunteers, most of them completing internships.  Internships are offered between September and May. They are unpaid, and require a minimum of 150 hours, to be completed at our office.

People who are interested in writing for the Upstream, as a volunteer or an intern, should contact the editor.

Articles do not necessarily reflect the opinion of Social Justice Connection. Authors are asked to seek fairness in their articles, and where there is controversy to present the perspectives of all involved, if possible.

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